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One of the most important issues in Commercial Real estate is RELATIONSHIPS! A call, a conversation, a need discussed, and then, action is needed to react to different situations and problems. 

Have a question or a need? “I would like to buy…”, “We would like to sell…”, “What is our property worth?”, “How would you manager our building (or property) and what or who do you recommend…?” Can you help me solve my problem?”, “My tenant called and…(a lease expires soon, a water leak is occuring, a security issue is pending”

We offer advise and solutions!

For over 50 years we have been active in Commercial Real Estate. People know us and we know people.

ONE CALL to our office could direct you to Our SPECIAL PROJECTS LIST that offers excellent financial opportunities for your future. Your Choice and possibly YOUR BENEFIT!

Current projects include Quick Farm Commercial.

As a single broker with no agents currently, we have the experience to sell and lease properties but prefer to refer you to other very
capable professionals that can assist you with your project.

Contact us to learn more about our marketing efforts.

If we feel we cannot serve you in the professional capacity as an agent, we will advise you and may suggest you chose someone better qualified that handles projects similar to what you possess or are seeking.

I can help you get the Job Done!  We know many people!


For any inquiries please email or call

Email: don@quickrealtyadvisors.com

Cell: (512) 848-7030